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Customer Service
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Ms. Amy Cheng
Email Address
Office Phone No.
+852 2774-3740
Office Fax No.
+852 2774-6762
Business Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday and Public holiday: Off

General Enquiry

Please provide a few essential your details, including all fields are marked as *, then click the corresponding “Send” button. You will receive a copy of your information onto email and send to your email address. Once you have completed this form, our customer service may contact you to discuss your requirements if it is required.

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Please do not submit any confidential, proprietary or sensitive personally identifiable information. (E.g. Hong Kong identity card number; date of birth; or credit card, bank account or other financial information).
If you submit or email any Sensitive Information, you do so at your own risk and we will not liable to you responsible for consequences of your submission.

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