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Ms. Amy Cheng
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+852 2774-3740
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Monday to Saturday: 10am to 7pm
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Terms & Conditions


Important Remarks:

1) 所有交易成功之訂單均會收到我司發出的電郵通知,如於二十四小時內未收到有關電郵通知請即致Tel: 2774-3740與本公司聯絡。

An order confirmation letter will be sent to all successful order within 24 hours. If you haven’t received, please contact us at 2774-3740.

2) 結賬前請核對所訂購的書本及訂購數量正確無誤,訂單一經處理將不能取消。

Please double check you order titles and qty before check out, you cannot cancel or amend your order after payment have been made.

3) 訂貨時間:

英文書籍一般需時4-6 (未出版及需重印書本除外)



Order lead time:

English textbook estimate need around 4-6 weeks to process your order (except not yet published titles and reprint titles)

Chinese textbook estimate need around 6-8 weeks to process your order

4) 由於九年級及十一年級部份書籍需由澳洲進口,所有於715日後所接收之訂單均需收取額外運費,所需的運費已於該書籍資料上註明。

Due to some of the Year 9 and Year 11 textbooks are ordered from Australia, all the order which are confirmed after 15th July, 2018 will need to pay additional air freight charges. The amount of the additional air freight charges have been shown in the book description.

5) 此書單折扣價優惠至二零一八年八月三十一日為止。

Discounted price will be valid until 31st August, 2018.



Return Policy:

1) 客人於收到書本時請小心檢查數量及核對書本名稱。如有任何缺貨、缺頁及印刷等錯漏,請於收到書本7天內與本公司聯絡。逾期本公司不會安排換書或退書,敬請留意。

Customers should check the quantity and quality of books received. If there are any missing titles, missing pages or printing errors, please contact us within 7 days from the date of books receive. Our shop will not arrange any change or returns of the books thereafter.

2) 在未確定所收的書本無誤前,請勿自行塗污或包書,否則本公司將不會更換書本。

Any books that have been written on, wrapped or damaged will not be exchanged or refunded.