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Anyone - school, student, author, publisher, shop owner...
only if you want to have your own online bookhop! 

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For Schools

Every school should have her own bookshop

Do your school have a bookstore?

Do you want to have one online bookshop & in your school name?
Contact us to create one for your school
& to see what's more bookshop4u website could do for U 
It is free & easy!

For Publishers & Authors

Promoting your title in HK and Asia

"I am an author/publisher and want
to have my own bookshop"
Contact us to learn what we can offer!

Are you well established publishers?
Want to promote your books in Hong Kong & Asia?

Yes! Contact us &  see how we could cooperate.

For Institutes/Companies

To promote reading and learning

Do your institute / company want to have a bookshop under your own name?
Want to have your chosen lists for your staff? To arouse reading habits and promote reading culture?

Yes! Contact us to see how to have your own online bookshop.

For You

Everyone could be a bookshop owner

"I'd like to have my own bookshop to sell my favorite titles but not knowing where to start"

Contact us to discover 
how easily to sell 16 million books
without stocking, nor arranging logistics,
plus your own items!

Learn about our textbook purchase service for HK Schools